Joe Bona Helps Us Examine the Future of Convenience

Technology seems to be changing daily and in ways we could never have imagined. What technologists and futurists are telling us is that disruptive technologies like driverless cars, 3D printers, virtual reality, delivery drones and “grab and go” stores without checkout are right around the corner. But, at what point will they be just part of our normal daily life?

Drawing upon his global experience and uniquely successful track record of retail design, Joseph Bona, president of Bona Design Lab, thinks the unthinkable and challenges the industry to build a bridge to the future, before Amazon does it first. From the stage at Convenience Summit – Europe, he will examine how disruptive players are reshaping the retail landscape and the impact they might have for c-store operators and fuel retailers as they try to respond to these massive shifts.

He will also examine: What new realities of the business model retailers around the world are beginning to fashion in a digitally disrupted retail world; What the role brand plays as the food proposition extends beyond packaged products to foodvenience; and; What fuel retailers should be thinking about as they transform the forecourt to stay close to their urban loving young customers as they change their relationship with the automobile and with bricks & mortar retail.