Joachim Hauser, Vice President Mobility Services, BMW and CEO, ParkNow LLC, New York, USA

Joachim Hauser will explain how BMW is transforming itself to provide premium mobility services to its customers in addition to manufacturing cars. BMW believes that by 2030, although the majority of cars will still be manually driven, as a consequence of a growth in autonomous driving fleets, the majority of mileage will be driven by autonomous cars.

At present car drivers have to fuel, park and maintain their vehicles. In the future BMW believe this will be a choice and these necessary, but inconvenient actions, will be a thing of the past for groups of premium motorists.

BMW mobility services are developing a whole new range of services for motorists as traditional motoring behaviours are increasingly disrupted. BMW is developing services like: Drive Now, ParkNow, ChargeNow, BMW i Ventures, Life 360, MyCityWay, JustPark, ChargePoint and ChargeMaster. In his presentation Joachim will explain what these new services offer and how they work.

Attendees can reflect upon the implications for convenience and fuel retailers of a developing transformation in motorist behaviours and consider the implications for our industry which are potentially enormous.