Get an Inside Look at Freshii’s Recipe for Success

Healthy Global Expansion: a chat with Freshii Founder & CEO, Matthew Corrin
Featuring CEO Matthew Corrin and Ashley Dalziel, VP of People & Culture

Beginning in 2005 as a restaurant on a mission to change the way the world eats, Freshii has evolved into a global brand with hundreds of locations worldwide—all still guided by that same mission. Freshii’s fast success can be attributed to its ‘fast-fashion’ business model, bringing forward the latest health and wellness trends at an affordable price point, as well as it’s killer millennial culture and ‘launch fast, fail fast, iterate faster’ mentality.

At the 2017 NACS Insight Convenience Summit – Europe, get an inside look at Freshii’s recipe for success in this exclusive fireside chat with its Founder & CEO, Matthew Corrin, and its VP of People & Culture, Ashley Dalziel. You’ll walk away feeling energized and full—of business knowledge that is!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Tips and strategies that led to success in a restaurant industry with a 90% fail rate.
  • Five guiding principles that the Freshii team lives by and is driven by, every day.
  • Freshii’s “for millennials by millennials” culture and what it means to live and breathe the Freshii lifestyle.
  • The role of innovation in Freshii’s menu offering, from individual meals to Meal Boxes.

See and hear it all at Convenience Summit – Europe in June.