CEO of S-Group subsidiary Will Present Innovations with Mobile Payment at the Pump

Finland’s leading retailer, S-Group, scooped the 2016 NACS Insight European Technology Implementation Award for its innovative feeling feature on its S-mobile app, which combines retail, banking and fuel services. In his upcoming presentation at the 2017 Convenience Summit – Europe, Pekka Ylihurula, CEO of S-Group subsidiary S-Bank, will showcase the success of the neat fuelling feature, launched by two S Group subsidiaries: S-Bank, which provides the retail group’s members with comprehensive banking services and ABC, a service station and fuel trade company, which operates 450 petrol stations in Finland.

S-mobile automatically recognizes the customer’s location, and fueling is initiated by simply choosing the correct fuel pump from the app. After fueling, the payment is handled automatically through the S-Bank Visa card, linking the payment with customer loyalty benefits. S-Group’s mobile is the most active commercial app in Finland with 1m downloads in Finland to date, a country with a population of 5.5 million; while the new fueling feature has already racked up 50,000 registered users since its launch. Finnish consumers have a really good appetite for new tech services according to Pekka. How do customers use the new app, what do they like about it, how does it work in practice; from guiding the vehicle to the store, to payment and the loyalty perspective with coupons? What are S-Group’s future plans for developing the app further for car wash and pre-ordering food?